Top 5 Most Expensive Hermes Bags Ever Sold

Top 5 Most Expensive Hermes Bags Ever Sold 

When you think about some of the mega rich you often think of the luxury high end yacht’s, mansions, and the high end exclusive collections in the world. When the mega rich decide to purchase some of the most common household items such as purses no expense is ever spared. Here is a list of some of the most expensive Hermes Birkin bags ever sold to the mega rich. Some of these prices will SHOCK you!

The Hermes Birkin collection bags are made for some of the highest clientele in the world and is made to look stunning! However, they often come with a price that even the top 1% of the population may even struggle to afford. With the luxurious diamonds and gold to make any other bag purse look less superior.

While most of the general population would call it foolish to own such a exclusive and high end bag costing upwards of several million dollars. The resale value on most of the Hermes bags after several years of ownership actually skyrockets due to it’s high popularity and exclusive want factor of Hermes.

The rarity and uniqueness of the Hermes Birkin collections bags can make anyone want the jewelry, metal, and leather straps that are made of some of the highest quality material on planet earth.

We will be using USD for the rate at which these products sold as some of the products were sold in other forms of currency.

Let’s begin with some of the most exclusive Hermes products that have ever sold to a buyer.

5. Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch – $400,000 Dollars 

Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch handbag recently sold in auction for a whopping $400,000 dollars. Making this hang bag number 5 on our list for some of the most expensive Hermes products ever sold. Featuring a diamond encrusted bag made of some of the highest quality diamonds ever known to man this purse can make almost any girl put this on her bucket list for top of the line hand bags. The Hermes Birkin “Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch” handbag is encrusted with many diamonds. In fact 1,600 diamonds to be exact making this to be the highest diamonds on a hand bag ever made. The hand bag was purchased by a famous Chinese celebrity singer who still has been spotted numerous times with this exotic hand bag.


4. Hermes Chaine’d Ancre Bag – $1,400,000 Dollars

Hermes created this bag from some of the highest materials ever made on earth and featuring 1,160 diamonds in total on this masterpiece of a design. This lavishing $1.4 million dollar bag that sold at auction is now worth a whopping $1,800,000 dollars three years later. Due to it’s rising popularity and featuring it’s accredited only three of these bags ever being made by Hermes.  The Hermes Chaine’d ancre bag is one to watch as growing popularity fuels the price hikes on this stunning bag.


3. “Ginza Tanaka” – Hermes Birkin Bag – $1,400,000 Dollars

One of the most unique bags of the Hermes Birkin collection is the Giniza Tanaka bag that features 2,000 diamonds to create this master piece. As well as a 8 carrot pear shaped diamond that can be detached and be worn as a diamond brooch or neck less. Creating the value of this bag at a spiking the value of this Birkin bag massively.  It is rumorered with many Hermes collectors that this bag is to be estimated to be at the current aged value of $2,200,000 dollars! Making this bag the third most expensive hand bag ever sold.



2. Hermes Kelly Rose Gold – $2,000,000 Dollars

The Kelly Rose Gold collection bag is made of wonderful crocodile and rose gold. Did I mention it also has a stunning 1,160 pieces of diamond that is encrusted along the bag? However….. if you plan on actually storing anything inside the purse you may have a tough time as there is only room for a couple dollar bills inside.




1. Mouawad 1001 Night Diamonds  – $3,800,000 Dollars

Toping the charts at number one we see the most expensive Hermes bag ever sold featuring a grand  total 3.8 million dollars making this the most expensive bag ever sold. The bag was created with over 4,617 diamonds, 102 yellow diamonds, 42 pink diamonds, and over 4000 colorless diamonds making this purse the perfect fit for any of the mega rich. The stunning design featured over 8,900 hours of labor to create this master piece and  is recommended to be inspected to it’s quality every 3 weeks by a mobile inspector.


What it takes to make a Hermes Bag

Check out this video on how Hermes makes it’s bag’s from scratch. Not only does it take a lot of craftsmanship but it also takes upwards of 18-20 hours just for a very basic bag! The handle alone took the creator in the video 4 months alone to learn how to stitch the bag. When it comes to the straps they can make or break the purse by using some of the same stitching techniques that is found in ratchet straps such as the ones found on Ratchet Straps  that use the stitching design on the straps of the material to help weave the straps together for strength.

After watching the video, you can tell right away that it takes a lot more than most people would think go in to creating such a high end bag. Such as learning how to make bags in college for 2 years. Followed by being an intern for several years to then eventually getting the chance to create his first bag after having nearly 3-4 years experience. Only to then find out the bag wasn’t complete! The man had just created the strap alone for the bag and it took another several months to finally complete the entire process under Hermes.

It’s probably also important to note that it is incredibly rare to ever see any employee of Hermes leave the company. As the amount of training and the benefit packages including salary usually drive the manufacturers of the goods to stay for their business career. As well as tuition reimbursement and more!

What makes a Hermes bag so special? 

What makes a Hermes bag so special is the amount of time and no corners cut are cut for any expense throughout the entire process of making the bags. Something that many of the competitors will often do to safe money or keep the prices lower. Which may be the reasoning behind the insane prices that a Hermes Birkin bag can fetch at auction.

One things for certain whenever you mention the word Hermes you can always be assured that the quality, as well as the price will be there for the lifespan of the product. Built to last and made to impress is the fine words of the creator of Hermes.

Would you be willing to pay the outrageous amounts for a Hermes Birkin bag? Let us know in the comment section below!